Friday, April 10, 2009

The Dylan Hunter Show Playlist for Friday April 10th, 2009


The Dylan Hunter Show   

Playlist for Friday April 10th, 2009

With Guest Host:  Dick Altavista

Entries are: Artist/Album/song


Black Mountain/Into The Future/tyrants

Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie/ Live At The Hyperbole/proximity to god


Los Mac’s/Love, Peace & Poetry: Chilean Psychedelic Music/ la meurte de mi hermano

Traffic Sound/Back To Peru/meskalina

Assim Asssado/ Love, Peace & Poetry: Brazilan Psychedelic Music

Soft Canyon/Broken Spirit, I Will mend Your Wings/send me your love

I’m Not Jim/You Are All My People/walks into

The Pink Mountaintops/The Pink Mountaintops/rovk’n’roll fantasy

The Setters/The Setters/let’s take some drugs and drive around

Dead Boy And The Elephantmen/We Are The Night Sky/dressed in smoke

Tokyo Sex Whale/Feed The Beast/the whale

Dennis Coffey/Big City Funk/theme from enter the dragon

Funkadelic/Maggot Brain/maggot brain

The Bongolian/Blueprint/sad curtis

Cast/Jesus Christ Superstar Original Soundtrack/overture-heaven on their minds

Jack Logan/Bulk/heaven on earth

The Stranglers/IV/down in the sewer

David Greenberger/The Duplex Planet Hour/girl under 40

Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3/tick…tick…tick/the deep end

Yellow #5/Demon Crossing/icfcfbm

Iggy Pop/New Values/I’m bored

Captain Beefheart/Safe As Milk/electricity

The Sadies/Tales Of The Rat Fink/the corktown

Tex Edwards & Out On Pariole/Pardon Me, I’ve got Someone To Kill/the cold hard facts of life

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